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Have you ever wanted to have a Lady Gaga sim to love/torture in your game? Me neither. But I once accidentally managed to make a sim of her, why not sharing? Even before Gaga sim I made Newsea's Born This Way hair retexture, because I like crazy hair like this. I have not shared it before because i refused to share a mesh downloaded directly from TSR, with trackers and all that stuff. So long story short, Ash from the phorum sent me a cleaned mesh and there it is!


for sim and hair click here )

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Yo, long time no update. This time old stuff - two sims from the sim challenge and my RWAV prizes. Yay!


Aug. 11th, 2010 05:56 pm
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Good Genes Challenge sim aka Brunette and Good Genes Challenge sim wannabe but looked bad on picures aka Redhead.
 ^Maxis lighting fail.                                                                        
Brunette -   cc list / download
Redhead -   cc list / download

Two more pictures here - of the Brunette, and the Redhead(crappy, I know). They have no default replacement files, even though Clean Installer says so. And the Redhead is uploaded with custom outfit, not the maxis one on the picture. Have fun, don't kill them.


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