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These are my fruits of boredom - two Newsea, one Raon (thank you Raon for making my hair!) retextures and a TS3 set converted (with add-ons), as requested at GoS.

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Have fun!

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Thanks to TPMITR contest my Photobucket is out of bandwidth but it doesn't matter right now. 

I finally finished converting madaya74's windows set which was requested ages ago at GoS. 

I kept the original file names, which are rather confusing, but there, a preview of everything included in the set with hot pink mouse hand writing, it should make the names clearer for you. 

Everything works on diagonal walls (the animation of diagonal door is a bit weird though), everything is recolourable (but the mapping is meh, because I remapped the whole thing twice), and everything is slaved to the master file, which is clearly labeled (it's e1to window), and obviously it should be base game compatible.

Since I remapped it again after releasing the opened windows at GoS, you should redownload the whole set. If something doesn't work as it should, tell me.


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Prepare for the awesomeness. :P

A long time ago Angela at TSR made a Kanto bathroom and it was actually lovely so I decided to convet it because I don't have enough bathroom sets in my game. But she decided that they don't use toilets in Japan. I had to make the toilet myself, that's why it is a bit different than the whole set.

As you can see there's five meshes (windows not included). Toilet, sink, mirror, shelf (with five slots), ceiling lamp and a bathtub. The bathtub is a master so you have to have it, everything else is slaved to it.

Polycounts (faces):
bathtub - 2754 
sink - 1696
toilet - 1442
lamp - 492
mirror - 268
shelf - 144

Everything should be base game compatible. The water may not suit perfectly, especially in the bathtub. I decided to live it more round than squared because it was crashing my game when I tried to edit it.

Have fun!
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Two little things, one was requested and one I forgot to upload last time.

The radio extracted from AL breakdance mat  is now a working radio, and it should be base game compatible. It was requested at GoS by Babbelsim


The other thing is a floor, the same as the pavement on my road replacement, so you can have a matching driveway or anything. It is a bit different colour than the road replacement pavement - I tried, really. I hope you don't mind. Also no in game picture as I forgot to take one.


Have fun!
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Matching windows and doors? Yes please. Maxis failed at making door which more or less match AL gear windows, which are my favorite. So I decided to make it myself. 
Requires Apartment Life, is slaved to the window, works on diagonal walls, compressed.


Plus some recolours )

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I refuse to write an assignment, so I'm uploading this little thing Belly requested a long time ago. It's Olemantiker's Breeze opened window converted to an arch, so your sims can actually go through that window.

Two types - fully opened and not-so-fully-opened. The latter looks weird when sims go through it, but who cares, they can go through it!
Doesn't work on diagonal walls, maybe I'll fix it, but not before Sunday.

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And a song for you, hilarious!  Oh, someone has Dreamwidth invitation codes?
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(I finally found some use for these hair)

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