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Another little set of recolours from me! This one I decided to make when I was decorating random room, and felt the urge to have unnecessary plastic-looking recolours of these lovely horns.

Requires BonVoyage, compressed.



Have fun!

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Because I failed miserably(these recolours didn't work for opened windows) and no one told me - I'm updating it now because better later than never. 

Here you have a picture as a reminder, because you probably don't remember.

DOWNLOAD for opened windows

DOWNLOAD for closed, if you haven't yet

Have fun, tell me next time if you see something doesn't work as it should, please.

-alternate link for mesh and all recolours, if mediafire fails-

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Matching windows and doors? Yes please. Maxis failed at making door which more or less match AL gear windows, which are my favorite. So I decided to make it myself. 
Requires Apartment Life, is slaved to the window, works on diagonal walls, compressed.


Plus some recolours )

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 I love those maxis doors, and I also love matching door/window recolours. So I made these to match Holy Simoly's lovely recolours, as you can see on the picture. Six of them, compressed, of course neither mesh nor any of the EPs are not required. :P

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I hated the original maxis color, and haven't found any nice ones, so made them!


7 colors.
Credit to Pooklet for blue, white and black.
You can mix the colors using the design(?) tool.


Not hair!

Aug. 2nd, 2009 08:42 pm
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This time not hair! It was requested by Belly, and it took me few days to make five recolors, yay for me! Well, it requires AL and the mesh is not included.


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I pwn you! )

And a song for you, hilarious!  Oh, someone has Dreamwidth invitation codes?
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(I finally found some use for these hair)

If it makes you happy it can't be that bad )


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