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I said ages ago I'll upload it, but totally forgot. So here you have them, finally.

Mesh included(I hope it's the right one), grey to blonde, I have no idea whether any of the ages are removed, but the toddler age may be, I really don't remember.

Colours as always, of course,I'm too lazy to picture them all. Oh, and I tried to paste Pooklet's colours on it too, but dear, so many of them - I have a life! Feel free to recolour if you want.

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 Have you noticed I never make stuff for males? I don't know why though. Anyway, I made this Peggy edit/retexture and it reminds me of Hitler for some reason...

Colors are not exactly like on pictures, because maxis lighting sucks.
Belly's Dracula is modeling.
Mesh included, blah blah, grey linked to blonde.


More hair!

May. 25th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Some of these were requested, otherwise I wouldn't upload them. :P


BLAH!!! )


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