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Prepare for the awesomeness. :P

A long time ago Angela at TSR made a Kanto bathroom and it was actually lovely so I decided to convet it because I don't have enough bathroom sets in my game. But she decided that they don't use toilets in Japan. I had to make the toilet myself, that's why it is a bit different than the whole set.

As you can see there's five meshes (windows not included). Toilet, sink, mirror, shelf (with five slots), ceiling lamp and a bathtub. The bathtub is a master so you have to have it, everything else is slaved to it.

Polycounts (faces):
bathtub - 2754 
sink - 1696
toilet - 1442
lamp - 492
mirror - 268
shelf - 144

Everything should be base game compatible. The water may not suit perfectly, especially in the bathtub. I decided to live it more round than squared because it was crashing my game when I tried to edit it.

Have fun!


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