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Never enough windows! Few add-ons for Maday74's window conversion.

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Matching windows and doors? Yes please. Maxis failed at making door which more or less match AL gear windows, which are my favorite. So I decided to make it myself. 
Requires Apartment Life, is slaved to the window, works on diagonal walls, compressed.


Plus some recolours )

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I refuse to write an assignment, so I'm uploading this little thing Belly requested a long time ago. It's Olemantiker's Breeze opened window converted to an arch, so your sims can actually go through that window.

Two types - fully opened and not-so-fully-opened. The latter looks weird when sims go through it, but who cares, they can go through it!
Doesn't work on diagonal walls, maybe I'll fix it, but not before Sunday.

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I pwn you! )

And a song for you, hilarious!  Oh, someone has Dreamwidth invitation codes?
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(I finally found some use for these hair)

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